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June 22, 2013

Stiehm Stadium
1000 Machmueller Street
Schofield, WI  54476
(adjacent to D.C. Everest Jr. High School)



General Rules:
USATF sanctioned. Membership is encouraged but not required. Proof of age required at check-in. USATF database will be used to verify birth date. Please bring proof of birth date if date is unverified.

Pole Vault: All athletes will be required to weigh-in prior to vaulting and will be checked against maximum pole weight. Use of a helmet is at the discretion of the athlete or guardian of the athlete. A time limit will be in effect.
Please use 1/4 inch pyramid shaped or christmas tree spikes. No pin or needle shaped spikes allowed.

Bantam & Midget: Limited to 3 events including relay.
Youth, Intermediate & Young: Limited to 4 events including relay.

All Divisions: Relay teams must be entered in the division of their oldest person. Relay declaration must be filled out on-site. Athletes interested in participating in a relay must select the relay option during registration.

Individual Events: Athletes must compete in the age division determined by their date of birth (see Divisions tab). See "Hurdle Info" tab and "Field Event Info" tab for specific information by Division.  Field events are open-pit with a time limit for each age division. Four trials, no finals. Contestants encouraged to supply own implements but they must pass inspection. Discus, Shot, Hammer and Javelin equipment available (pole vault poles not provided).


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